Children of the Wave
Original Song: Children of the Grave
Original Artist: Black Sabbath
Date: 03/22/2001

Mastication on their minds, the children on the plate
Seaweed wrapped aquatic life, about to meet its fate
Overlords on thursdays trek, they know just what to do
They'll decimate the children's ranks, it's time for sushi crew. Yeah!

The children once swam proud and free, in Neptunes dark domain
But now the beings from above let only memories remain
Killed for commerce, killed for food, the children had to die
But their sacrifice will fill our vice, the fish is gonna to fly. Yeah!

So on thursday think about from whence your meal arrived
The things you eat once had hearbeat, and in ocean depths did dive
So thank the sea for spawning forth this tasty aquatic slave
Cause your thursday sushi lunch, was once children of the wave. Yeah!

rawfish eatah
harvey danger
koczij of the sushi
children of the wave
black sabbath